I guess you could say I’ve always had a knack for beauty. As a teen I’d rip  photos of beauty trends or looks I loved, out of magazines and stuck them onto my walls.

Years later that teen attended college for journalism print and broadcast, and during this time in my life I was searching for ways to intertwine my passion for beauty, lifestyle and multimedia.  And just like that, I created this platform, Rebecca’s Beauty Boudoir!

Over the years, my blog has evolved and changed as I’ve grown. This platform is how I landed my internship at Flare, which then lead me to become a freelance online beauty writer for many Canadian publications such as: Flare, Cosmetics, Glow and Fashion. Today, I’m a business woman in the beauty industry and a co-founder of a mobile makeup service. In the mix of it all, I’ve become a busy boss babe, just like many of you! As I continue to exercise my craft as a makeup artist and strive to find balance in a highly demanding career, I’ve realized we’re all doing our best to find our happy place. Join me as I share beauty tips, hacks and discuss lifestyle related topics!

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