Kim Kardashian West Skims review

SKIMS has been a hot brand that consumers can’t stop raving about across social media platforms, and as a product enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for good essentials for my closet.

Who Is Shape Wear For?

Shape wear is perfect for everyone and everybody! It can easily elevate your outfit, smooth things out, become a solution for many wardrobe concerns and make you feel fabulous in anything you wear! The struggle for years was finding shape wear that fit right to the needs of the evolving trends of clothes and finding solutions that actually worked, that weren’t too pricey! This is where Skim’s retail price is quite competitive for the compression and variety of solutions they offer.

Kim Kardashian West Skims review

Wearing the Sculpting Bodysuit in “Onyx”

Here’s What I Bought

What I Loved

As a woman of many curves, the right fit is super important to me and I must say I quickly loved the brand for having a wide range of sizes (they run from XS-5X.) Next up, the colour selection their line offers are gorgeous washes of nudes, beiges, browns and more staples that pair easily with any outfit. Lastly, the website is super accurate when it comes to their size chart, which made it easy to shop.

How It Compares

I’ve been experimenting with shape wear for years but the downfall for a good quality pair that works effectively is the hefty price. It’s been challenging to find the right pieces for certain outfits and the better the shape wear caters to your outfit needs, the more it will cost. Prices also are higher when seeking for a high compression solution wear. Bottom line, Skim’s prices are competitive, probably more affordable then their competitors and to be honest, it’s cheaper to buy here than opt for my old go-to solution wear brands.

What I Didn’t Fall in Love With

When it comes to the High Waisted Brief and the Bandeau Bra, I have to be honest that I wasn’t in love with these two items. The High Waisted Brief was the correct size, however I experienced it rolling down too often throughout the day. The Bandeau Bra isn’t horrible, great for wearing strapless tops but I felt like they made my naturally busty, bust appear smaller.

Kim Kardashian West Skims review

Wearing the Cozy Collection Tank, Shorts and Robe in “Stone”

My Feedback and Opportunities

So as you can see, I spent quite a bit on this site because I truly wanted to experience Kim K’s latest line, but I live in Toronto, Canada, and that shipping was a little steep. As much as I love many of their products, the shipping costs are often why I limit how much I buy on their site. Skims shipping varies on how much you spend. The higher in price your chart is, the more likely you are to spend on shipping. This is often an opportunity many brands face in the beginning stages, so I’m confident this is something they will adjust down the road!

Final Thoughts

Would I buy from the site again? Absolutely! The shape wear has truly elevated my outfits, made me feel super confident in my clothes and the body suits can be easily paired with jeans on its own. I adore the cozy collection as it was super comfy, chic and tempting to wear outside the house, haha! Overall, I had lots of fun putting this line to the test and would love to hear your experiences rocking Kim Kardashian West’s Skims.

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  1. Absolutely loved this ! I would love to even see a video attached to get a comparison on colour, material and stretch to other shape wear brands (i’ve only tried LiVien Rose and have had ok experiences) Wanted to try the cozy collection as it looks ADORABLE! would you recommend going with your size or sizing up?

    keep up the reviews ! xx

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