As we speak, it’s been eleven days of me not attending social affairs and not being in contact with anyone but my parents, whom I live with. We’ve entered a time where being in quarantine is not only vital, but truly essential for our world’s health right now.

Maybe you’ve already watched every season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and perhaps have accidentally over tweezed your own brows in an attempt to freshen things up, but like everything in life, “this too shall pass.” Let’s take this as a time to put all the focus on us, our hobbies and build healthy habits!

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, I’m sharing my round up on how I’m making the most out of this social distancing period!

Build An Efficient Morning and Evening Routine

My life can get quite hectic, so I’ve often just checked things off based on priority, but research has shown that professionals with a routine often feel less anxious and have a stronger quality of sleep. With this down time, I hope to build a consistent routine I can stick to that I can carry on with me after this pandemic. After all, feeling 100% is key to being your 100%!

Meditate Often, Even More When Things Feel Tough

Across my platforms, I share my love for meditation. It truly keeps me grounded. When I’m on the go I’ve often opted for the mobile app, Head Space to guide me through my practice and am now completing more sessions throughout the day. When I begin to feel anxious outside of my morning and evening routine, I simply get comfy, sit in a quiet area, turn the app on and begin a short practice!

Try Cleansing Your Body

A good cleanse is a great way to reset your palate and digestive system. The down side to many cleanses? They often come with headaches and feeling quite tired because of the way your body is purging those toxins. Nutritionists and naturopaths will often recommend laying low during a cleanse so starting one in quarantine may actually be an ideal time!

Purge Your Space

God bless Netflix for gracing us with Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up show! Boy did it ever teach me to ditch what doesn’t spark joy. Decluttering and really diving into what no longer serves your closet, makeup vanity and household really does take time but trust me, you will thank yourself later!

Nourish A Hobby

Have an existing hobby that you wish you could give a little more love to? Or is there a hobby you have in mind you’ve always wanted to start but just don’t know where to begin? Put all your love into that. Starting something new or even nourishing a passion project always requires research, planning and execution!

Embrace At Home Workouts

I know, I know, I’m a workout at the gym kind of girl too, however let’s just remember they said self isolate NOT give up on your goals! Amazon does have some amazing equipment available that can be delivered quickly (especially if you got prime!) Or you can look up “no equipment at home workouts” on YouTube or Pinterest as well.

Take The Time To Express Gratitude

Yes, we’re in a pandemic. This isn’t a vacation, but it is a vital time still filled with silver linings! I’ve committed to writing down one thing each day that I’m grateful for in my journal because what’s more humbling than practicing social distancing in the comfort and warmth of your own home?

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