Building the perfect skincare routine can be overwhelming. With so much on the market, how do we ever know where to start, what ingredients to look for and what to buy? If you’re starting to build out a new routine, I have a few questions I want you to think about that can perhaps help you narrow down your options the next time you hit up your local beauty store!

What is my skin type?

Knowing your skin type will really help you select the best texture of skincare for your skin type. If you get oily all over your t-zone to cheeks, most likely you’re oily. If you’re just oily in your t-zone but dry on your cheeks, you’re most likely combo. If you experience dryness all over your face, most likely you have a dry type. And lastly if you don’t experience all the above and don’t have many concerns with being too dry, oily or suffer from congestion, you’re most likely normal.

What are my concerns?

If you’re on the hunt for a new routine, there’s obviously a motive behind what you want from your skin. Is it that you want to maintain the overall health of your skin? Are your blemish prone and want a routine that will combat that? Or are you looking to improve the texture of your skin? The list of your concerns and targeted areas of the face go on but know what you want your skincare to do for you. This will help you pick products that are best suited for you!

How much time will I invest in the AM/PM?

Now be honest with yourself here. Do we want a step 1-5 routine, morning and night or, do we seek simplicity and want to save time? I’m the type who likes her routine easy peasy in the morning, but I love investing time for my skin at night, so my routine from day to evening vary!

What do I want to avoid?

Perhaps you have allergies so there are ingredients you want to stay away from, or you’re passionate about a social cause so you’d like to avoid brands that test on animals. Think about these things and share this with your beauty advisor. I like to do my research by looking at reviews, ingredients on brands sites and to me, I love a brand that supports empowerment initiatives! It’s the way our generation shops now and it’ll definitely narrow down your options for you.

What’s my budget?

Skincare can be pricy but don’t fret, you can build a routine regardless of your budget! If you’re walking into a beauty or department store, feel free to how much you’re willing to spend with your beauty advisor!

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