I can’t even believe that five years ago today I launched this thing and over the years it’s undergone so many changes, so many ups and downs yet today I am proud to share its next big milestone.

Five years ago, I was in college, 19 about to turn 20 and knew on my 20th birthday I wanted a platform to call mine. Over the years I created content but never truly found my way and always wondered what made me different and if my voice was special.

At the age of 25 I’ve grow up into the young adult I am today. I have so many tips and tricks up my sleeve but my values and voice has changed and talking about more beautiful elements of life is something I’ve truly become passionate about.

To be honest, 2019 was a year that I lost everything I felt like I could but somehow in a short period of time, I gained even more back. And finding my sparkle again made me more certain to why I am doing this and my platforms next step. Today I celebrate RBB’s 5th birthday but I also am officially launching my very own Youtube channel! To all the people who dmed me and people who asked me to do this, thank you. What I know is that there will always be a part of me that will have an itch to create content and finally, I’m ready to take that passion to the next step 🙂

It’d mean the world to me for you all to hit the subscribe button on my channel! And of course, if you ever have suggestions don’t hesitate to comment or message me <3

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