It’s like I blinked and the final months of the year are nearly approaching. I can’t lie and say it’s been an easy one, but I strongly believe 2019 was my year of lessons learned. In life, we’re told to move forward and instead of holding on, I’m releasing and I’m looking at ending this year off in a high note by adopting these habits!


You guys know I’m all for mediation. I shared that in my last post and you already know Headspace is my go-to. Meditation truly enhances your focus and it’s a great time to reflect on what is important to you. It helps me gain clarity, connect with my values and it’s kind of where the magic happens where I think my next steps and how I’m going to make sh*t happen! 

Revising My Vision Board

Earlier this year I created a vision board. Instead of writing my goals, I translated them into images. From my short term goals to my long term goals, I have images that translate this all up on my wall. Vision boards are made to be placed somewhere you’ll see it everyday. This fall I’m revising mine because since I’ve created mine, I’ve decided to add a few new goals that weren’t on my list before!

Penciling in More “Me” Time 

With how busy my life gets with work and my business, I hardly remember to prioritize myself and wellbeing. This fall I’m slotting in more time for me to sleep in, enjoy eating breakfast in the morning and even give myself more time to get things in order. Something I’ve learned is when you’re not good, it’s hard to give your all into something and other people. And if you’re like me and you’re passionate about what you do, feeling your best self is the key to giving what you love to do your all. 

Coming to Peace With the Past 

Like I said, it’s been a tough year. Vulnerability is something I pride myself on and after losing my grandmother this year, I truly felt like I fell into a dark place. I said many goodbyes this year and closed chapters on things and people. At one point I wondered why was so much chaos was taking place during a short period of time. But all this discomfort taught me was how being uncomfortable forces you out of what you already know. It forces you to make decisions, so that better things can fall together. I see that now and all I want to do this fall is continue to be at peace with all my recent lessons.

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