Break ups aren’t always easy. They can be filled with emotion and as I’ve grown, I’ve learned that they’re an experience that shape us into getting closer to what we’re looking for. I’ve had my fair share of dates, a long term relationship and a short one. Although, goodbyes aren’t easy, I’ll share that it does get better, but all it takes is time. 

From one single babe to another, I’m sharing my experiences on getting over that person in hopes this all somehow sheds light on your healing process too.

Cry It All Out

You’re human! And anyone who tells you that shedding tears are any signs of weakness is either insensitive or simply ignorant. Crying is healthy, liberating and when you’re done, you’ll feel a whole lot better! Take this moment to lay out the pros and cons, accept there were amazing memories but understand why it ended. We often underestimate the power of reflection with empathy, and although it may not come easy, it’s these moments that help us blossom and grow.

Surround Yourself With Friends

I have my friends to thank for helping me heal from my heart aches because with good company, you never feel alone. But hey, your friends SHOULD be your damn life cheerleaders. Your friends are there to tell you all the amazing things you didn’t know about yourself, what you have to offer to the world and remind you of how amazing you truly are. That’s everything my friends did for me over countless brunch dates, brow appointments and nights in — and out, after my break ups! Good people are out there to help you and it’s times like these that really bring people who are meant to be in your life a lot closer.

Slowly build your own routine

It takes a breakup to sometimes realize how reliant you become of a person and I’ll admit, I was once that girl who was guilty of this. Transparently, mornings were rough for me when the break up was all fresh. I remember wondering if this was all just a bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from. But after a month of the self pity, I realized that routine got draining, so I started looking into healthy distractions.

Across my searches I found an ad for a personal trainer agency; and developing a healthy lifestyle seemed like the perfect healthy distraction to me. A year later I’ve been super focused on my health like no other and the return of investment has been truly unreal. I adopted a new routine where I mediate daily, work out often and slowly transitioned to eating healthier which resulted to me feeling better!

If you’re in a slump, I’d suggest looking into doing something that makes you happy, and once you discover what that is, do lots of it! When you begin to consume a huge chunk of your time doing positive things, it brings your mind to a place of peace… or at least it did for me.

Cut all ties… ONLY, when you’re ready

Cutting all ties is probably the toughest part. Some do it right away, others do it slowly over time. I remember how many people wanted me to do it immediately, but I believe that we know when that time is “the time” for us. Keeping your ex on social media and watching their photos, or stories pop up on your IG feed DOES in fact make it a lot more difficult to move on, and it may potentially trigger thoughts of the past, but this is your breakup and your life. When you chose to eliminate all traces of a person, it is up to you.

Date and Learn

Same with cutting all ties, you’ll know when you’re ready to get back out there. But when you do, just know there might be encounters that are awful, great and some that were good but simply weren’t meant to be. Just because you just got over a breakup, it doesn’t mean you won’t hurt again, and I think I’d be lying if I told you otherwise. Take each new encounter as an experience and be patient because this is the part where you learn what you want in your ideal partner.

I’ll Leave You With This…

Some days will be harder than others and at times it may seem like this phase of aching and reminiscing will never end, but I promise you it all does get better. And perhaps the people we are searching for to be with, are out there too searching for us, but until then I believe we need to continue working on loving ourselves enough that when that special someone comes along, we can truly love them too.

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