The art of self care and loving ourselves is something we know we should do yet many of us hustlers tend to neglect. As a creative, I get inspired from everything around me such as: the people I surround myself with, things I see on social media and life as a whole.

Only recently do I feel like I’ve just started mastering the art of loving myself, and I’m not talking about the love you get from the likes on an IG post, but the kind where you sleep in a lot more because you know you need it, or create a morning routine because it feels damn good starting your day off right.

Creating a balance can be tough but any true boss babe should ALWAYS put herself on the top of her to-do list! In this post, I’m sharing ways I actively indulge in self care and my tips on why you should too!


A good sweat sesh, 4 days a week is my perfect escape after a long day at work. And for a while now, boxing has been my go-to workout of choice. I was introduced to boxing when I hired a trainer a while back and he specialized in MMA. He truly believed that boxing added such a beautiful element into peoples lives, and he was right. I personally find boxing empowering, challenging yet super uplifting. Overall, exercise has been proven by experts to increase our endorphins (aka happy cells!) so if you’re looking for a boost of happy, try a workout class of your choice near you!


Now this is one thing that has really changed my perspective and enhanced my focus in overall my life. I keep my daily meditations under 15 minutes daily. To keep my practice on track, I utilize the Headspace app. What I love about the app is that you can truly take your practice everywhere you go and cater your meditation to your needs. Trust me, it’s a quick and easy way to unwind and it’s the perfect reset if you’re someone like me who is constantly on the go!


Actively setting goals for myself is something I enjoy doing but as an adult it can be harder to hold yourself accountable for them. I use my journal to set goals, intentions and reflect on the process it sometimes takes to move towards the direction I want to head. I’d recommend journalling to anyone who is trying to gain clarity on their thoughts but it’s also nice to watch how you’ve mentally grown down the road. Overall, I think there’s just something about writing things down physically that really helps you gain a new perspective.

Consistent Sleep Schedule

This is kind of a MAJOR human necessity! So why do many of us neglect it? It’s easy to spend countless hours scrolling through our phones looking at memes, bloggers and what Kim K is up to now… but nothing feels better than a well rested 8 hours of sleep!

I’ve scheduled my i-Phone to Do Not Disturb mode from 10pm-9am the following day. It’s easy to get distracted with texts, calls and notifications. Having implemented this has made it easier for me to put down my phone at night and fall asleep quicker with no distractions.

Listening to Podcasts

Staying inspired is important to me as it motivates me to strategize differently at work but also inspires me to empower those around me in day to day life.

I’m often travelling from city to city so I’ve started using my car rides and flights as a time to fuel my mind. The beauty about podcasts is that you can take them anywhere you go. I personally enjoy listening to people who discuss the topic of self care or women starting their own businesses. People like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Shetty really shed light onto different perspectives of self care, while a podcast such as Second Life or Girl Boss Radio, inspires me to kick ass at work the way some of their guests have with their initiatives. Fuel your mind with whatever inspires you, and when you can take something so accessible, like a podcast with you, you can truly gain the insight you might be looking for anywhere you go!

What are some simple joys you do or practice to treat yourself? Share your self care go-to’s with me in the comment box below 🙂

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