With Valentines Day around the corner, I always wondered about love. What should ever single girl (or boy who’s reading this) know? And why do we get so damn sad about our single status when we should always embrace every status of our lives? Well, I’d like to introduce you all to Melanie. She’s such a ray of sunshine and an incredible expert when it comes to the love department. This week she’s taking over this weeks posts with her expertise when it comes to love. So read on for her insight, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed 😉

Advice to Singles From a Love Expert

Valentine’s Day can be a trigger to you if you’re single and consider yourself ‘alone.’ But technically speaking, you’re not alone… you’ve got YOU, and let’s face it – that’s THE BEST gift you could give to anyone…including yourself 😉 #amIright?

Here are my top tips for all the fab singles on V-day:

1.         If this Valentine’s day you have no plans then I suggest for you to “go Ye on yourself” (this is the first chapter of my book, Love Moods – releasing 2019). “Ye” (short for Kanye… because DUH who doesn’t love themselves more then Kanye?); …LOLZ, (this was a joke) I think you get the point…really going “YAY” on you! If you find yourself feeling lonely or sad – this is a major MUST. Going yay on you means to remember that you do not need anyone to have a good time. So planning V day around a major love fest for yourself is key; not only to making yourself feel AMAZING, but quite actually…it’s the SUPER attractor of all relationships. If I were you, I would buy myself a fancy champagne, spa treatment, cook my FAVE meal (or order if you don’t like to cook), put on a movie that I LOVE (or Music and dance the night away with your cat….) and reflect on how AMAZING you are as a person. If you’ve never taken time to really consider what YOU have to offer, now would be good. Make a list of your top qualities. Make a list of your weaknesses too. Try to understand what you want in life, love and work…and so on. Get to know you, commit to it even passed V-day!

2.         If this Valentine’s day, you’re happily single…then I think it’s a big OBVIOUS – celebrate with your besties aka making it a ‘GALENTINE’S DAY’! I’m not talking about the “anti valentine’s day” … because you can only attract what you are and that my friend, is sending the wrongggggg energy, (unless you like bashing love and get miserable at the thought of couples…then you do you boo boo!). It may seem harmless but you want to rewire your underlying intentions. Gathering with a group of your best gal pals can be the BEST Valentine’s day to date. Like “going ye on yourself” – the main themes’ should be about love, appreciation and joy for your girl tribe (& of course yourself) …because that is the foundation of any successful relationship. Celebrating your friendship and romancing yourselves should happen (in my opinion) at least once a month anyway! So V-day is no exception, but hey, it’s a great excuse to make it extra cute!

3.         If you’re ready to call “The One” into your life – this would be a good time to build WHO that is. There are BILLIONS of people in the world, and probably millions within 100 miles of where you are. In order for you to get the one, you need to know what you’re looking for. I call this “Build a Beau” (like build a bear…but you’re making your own bae. P.s. remember those?). Often when we’re single, we scroll, we swipe and we settle for whatever is out there. BUT- just like Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t spark joy – it needs to go! Instead of settling on another sh*tty tinder date…instead; I want you to get to work on building the dream person for you! In/around or on Valentine’s day is a GREAT day to do this! The energy of love is heavy – and great time for manifesting desires… like your dream bae! Think about it, and get severally specific of what you want. You may want to reflect on your past relationships (qualities that were great in those partners) & also the not so great. The not so great, can be considered your red flags and/or deal breakers. It’ll actually get really fun, and should spark a feeling of excitement while you create it. SIDENOTE: Just to share some magic with you, I did this twice –both times catching Mr. Dreamy within less then a month and they freakishly had all the qualities I desired at the time! So I warn you with caution, this DOES work. After you make the list, sit with that feeling of having that perfect person. Then – highlight the qualities that you offer on that list. If you yourself, have 75-100% of those very same qualities, then congratulations – you are MUCH closer than you think. Why? Because you can only attract what you are, what you’re ready for and what YOU feel you deserve. After you do this…I challenge you to keep that feeling going. If the next day you hop on Bumble, only to feel ‘blah’ again – then you sister, need to buzz right off. When you have the sense of joy without any real reason, is when you’re magnetic to attracting the ideal partner. If you find this hard to do, then I suggest you hop to exercise 1 first (go ye on yourself).


I offer one-on-one love coaching for singles, couples & those in the dating world. If you want to work with me, feel free to visit http://www.liveloveyours.com/

With Love,

XO Mel

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