If you really think about it, our pillows are the closest thing our faces and hair get pressed against every night. When the hair experts around me started speaking of the benefits of investing in a silk pillow case, I was intrigued and didn’t want to fall into a fad because if I was going to make this a part of my routine it was going to be with purpose. It was then that I knew I had to start doing my homework!

After being gifted silk pillow cases by @thatnaplifezzz and completing a ton of research, I learned all the perks that well, made it worth it for me to keep a part of my bedtime routine! Read on to learn why opting for a silk pillow case may benefit you and why it’s much more than a simple luxury.

This Fabric Maintains Hydration

Silk is a super fabric. While many other materials such as cotton absorb lots of the skincare we apply onto our face and good natural oils, silk naturally fights against that. Here’s how I see it: you spend all that money on your evening skin care routine, why let it go to waste?

It’s A Cleaner Option

Did you know that silk has properties that naturally fight against dust, fungus and mold? This was news to me! It’s nice to know this is quite the clean material, also while knowing that this fights against different types of allergens too.

It Protects Your Hair

I always thought bed head was cute because I’m a fan of textured, messy looking hair, but turns out it’s not v good for the locks. With a silk pillow case, you’re lowering the risk of knots and tangled while helping avoid split ends and breakage.

Long Term, It Fights Against Wrinkles

Silk has this gorgeous texture that your face can glide on. Anything else unfortunately isn’t as forgiving for our skin. When we wake up with those textured lines on our faces from pillows, that may seem like no harm but over time can lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

It makes sense to me! We should always be gentle with our skin starting with the pressures we use to apply on our products, to the things we press it against.

Looking to add this gorgeous luxury into your bedtime routine? Check out @thatnaplifezzz to pick up yours for a happy price point today!

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