Being latina, I SWEAR I was destined to have curves but growing up I didn’t always love them. As a teenager, I had my insecurities and during a huge chunk of my pre-teen to teenage years, I hated my body and I recall how easily I’d get discouraged when mainstream trends didn’t flatter my body.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned to love myself and truly embrace my body by wearing clothes that no longer hid my curves, but really embrace them! Quite often, many of you dm me asking me for style and shopping tips. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of my go-to tricks to be comfortable in what you wear while not having to sacrifice your style!

Seek Your Inspiration
I developed a passion to express myself through fashion shortly after I graduated college. One thing that was difficult was going into stores and not knowing exactly what I was looking for. I later learned it was best to look up women who had similar body shapes as me and even women’s style I admired. Feel free to utilize the “saving” feature on Instagram and create your own little fashion mood boards or even create a style board on Pinterest. You can check mine out here as an example and you can see how I save a wide variety of things that still fit into my style and aesthetic!

Understand Your Body Type
We are all made in many shapes and sizes, so why not learn what ours is? I’m not saying go out of your way and Google whether you are an apple, pear or triangle shape body; but I do think it’s important to understand the features of your body. Once you come to understand your body, pick something you love to flaunt and want to embrace! This will help you go into your stores and have it decided on what you’re looking for this article of clothing or what you want your style to do for you! Once you decided what you want your wardrobe to do for your body, decide what mood/feel you want to give off… and this is how we develop our style 😉

Don’t Settle For Things Just Because They Fit
Now remember, there was I time I was SUPER insecure with my body and there was a moment, I used clothes to hide my body. Rocking flowy clothes is beautiful, but don’t wear it because you want to hide in it and sometimes when we overdue flow, we create this illusion of losing our shape. Find a balance, and again this all ties back to understanding your body as you learn what trends you feel most comfortable in.

Don’t Look At The Size, Strive for Fit and Flattery
It can be discouraging to try on a shirt or a pair of pants that fit but it may not be the number or size you want to be. Now, I want you to say this one out-loud with me, “I am not defined by my size! It’s JUST a number and size!” I think it’s important for us to understand that SO WHAT if you’re rocking a large? Ask yourself, “Does this look and feel good?” If so then why does the size matter? ALWAYS wear what makes you feel comfortable no matter what the tag says, because no one sees that anyway!

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment
Trends comes and go but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with them! I do believe we’re slowly moving towards a time where fast fashion is slowly starting to understand the demand for a wider range of sizes without sacrificing fit or style. I often find myself shopping at places like: Nordstrom (Specifically BP brand,) Missguided, ASOS, Boohoo and Fashion Nova, because they offer an amazing size range with happy price points, so I don’t break the bank for my trendy pieces!

Have any style tips for us curvy girls? I’d love to hear them so feel free to share yours in the comment box below!

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