My countdown to the warmer days has already begun, but as I wait for Mr. Sun to come back and grace us with his rays of sunshine in Toronto, I have a few products that have been helping me combat the look and feel of dull winter skin.

Glow is my signature makeup technique as a makeup artist, so I’ve rounded up a few of my personal favourite picks, which I use to maintain a glowy complexion, regardless of the season!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, $59 CAD

It’s a mask I can’t escape from seeing on my feed, and it’s for a good reason! This potent nourishing mask offers an instant hydration for all skin types. While fighting against dryness, it offers an instant cooling effect. I love bringing this with me while I travel as it’s safe to fly with in your carry on but it’s also perfect to keep on your desk at the office! Why I love this? Well, it’s a multi-functional product. I’ve successfully used it as an under eye mask to de-puff, hydrating face primer, and used a small amount as a moisturizer when I left mine back home as I was in the Dominican Republic!

Jergens Firming Tanning Lotion, $10 CAD

It’s a beauty cult favourite! This lotion is the perfect way to achieve sun kissed skin in the most low maintenance way possible! I love using it leading up to any events where I’m about to show off a little skin year round. This transfer proof formula can help you achieve a golden glow after one use and a solid tan after 3 uses. It’s easy to use after I hop out of the shower and I promise you babes, it doesn’t develop into an orange finish!

Becca Backlit Primer, $46 CAD

As a girl with v oily skin, I get scared to use glowy finishing primers, but with Becca being the glow authority, I gave this a shot and was not disappointed. 1 pump on freshly prepped skin is all you need to give your complexion a fresh, softly illuminated canvas. Use this guy after moisturizing, yet before foundation. After you apply your foundation, you can use this primer onto the planes of your face for a soft liquid highlighted effect! On top of having a beautiful finish, it upholds your complexion well without leaving too glossy of a finish (and that’s coming from me, the girl with V OILY SKIN!)

Becca Sunlit Bronzer, $46 CAD

The shade, Ipanema Sun is in my makeup bag but def stop by your local Sephora to find your best match. Although this is a powder bronzer, this compact has a gorgeous, finely milled, easy to use powder finish! Its formula is forgiving which makes it easy to look “naturally” bronzed, while being easy to blend!

Have some safe faux-tan tips or maybe a go-to product pick? Share them with me in the comment box below!

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