On January 8th, I turned 23 years old and this little platform of mine, just celebrated its third birthday. Where does the time go? It really doesn’t feel like it was that long ago when I was mapping out the idea of what I wanted to call this thing, or how it would look. Behind everything this blog is today, there were a lot of people who supported me, so before I dive into things, I wanted to thank those who have brought RBB to where it is today.

At my age, I’m still in the developing stages of building my life and although I may not always be patient with myself, I for once feel like I have everything I need to make me happy. What does everything entail? Well, I have a small group of friends that I would do anything for, a family who always supports me, my health and lastly, an amazing career.

This year, I’m looking back at how far I’ve come and counting the 23 million reasons why my heart is so full today. Instead of sharing some sort of birthday makeup inspo, I thought it’d be fitting to share some things I’ve learned thus far as I continue to grow as a young adult. Whether it be your birthday or not, I hope I can share something valuable as you grow everyday too.

Good Things DO Come To Those Who Wait!

Patience has never been my strength but it’s something I’ve been forced to learn after undergoing many circumstances. It wasn’t too long ago when I had the mentality that If I did not see things coming together quick enough, I’d run back to the drawing board to figure out ways to make things happen sooner. Some saw this as me being resilient, passionate and hungry but eventually I watched things unfold in ways I didn’t want them to, and realized my lack of patience brought me there. Although I don’t regret many of the decisions I’ve made in the past, there were things I could have done to make circumstances easier.

So what’s life lesson number one? Sometimes being patient and enjoying the ride for what it is, is sometimes what we are meant to do. Always love each step you take in life, you’ll look back in wish you did.

Don’t Give Up, Even When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

Last year was a perfect example of how quickly things fell a part for me. I was unhappy, uninspired, heart broken and got myself into a car accident that took a financial and mental toll on me. For a long time I focused on “Why are these things happening to me? It never ends.” But seriously, one day it all just clicked!

I was unhappy and over having a pity party for myself. Rather than obsessing over what was going wrong, I wanted to focus on what I had, that was worth valuing. I made this change by surrounding myself around the people that lifted me. I took it upon myself to not allow social media and other’s successes bring me down because in life, we grow at different stages.

In that moment I accepted that it just wasn’t my time. I also started doing what I loved again. I started creating content, networking with experts who inspired me and decided if my moment wasn’t now, I was going to take the baby steps towards it. And what do you know? A few short months later, I landed myself a pretty kick ass job, I’m now an account executive for an amazing beauty brand and genuinely can say I love what I do everyday.

My suggestion to you? When you’re in a dark place, set goals that will change the way you feel, set affirmations that will bring you to a positive mind set and always remind yourself that you are capable of anything.

Love Comes In All Different Forms and Relationships

Love is beautiful. It can blossom quickly but sometimes relationships don’t head in the direction that we plan. Last year, I underwent a breakup with someone I envisioned myself growing old with. When we parted ways I felt helpless, heartbroken and wondered if I’d ever find love again.

The void I felt was quickly filled. Not by another partner but by people who loved me and those people were my friends. I’ve always known tough times brought people closer but under going this experience with those I trusted taught me that love is powerful and it comes in many different forms.

We sometimes obsess over finding the one but if I could share a piece of advice in the love department it’d be: Appreciate all the love you’re getting from those who care about you in your life and continue loving yourself. When you love yourself so much, that makes you the best partner for anyone who is yet to enter your life.

When You Learn To Love Yourself, You Can SERIOUSLY Do Anything

As this being the most recent thing I’ve learned, I’d have to say this is probably the most important piece of advice I’d give to anyone. Only recently have I learned to love my imperfections, embrace my curves and simply accept that I am imperfect.

It’s easy to be influenced by what we see on our phone screens, but use that as a piece of inspiration, don’t let your life revolve around trying to be what seems like perfection. I’ve also learned that balance is important and whatever balance may be for you, it’s okay to be selfish because it’s your life and you’re the one living it.

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