Growing up I suffered from dry patches all over my arms. I was 13 and I didn’t know what this was or its cause, but I do recall being so embarrassed that I’d often reach for long sleeves shirts all year round.

As I got older my doctor discovered I was simply reacting to the ingredients in my body soap that my mother and I would purchase easily at our local mass market stores. At a very early age, this was the beginning of me dabbling into the world of using natural body products.

Today, I’ve partnered with Sade Baron, a local Toronto vegan brand. The local company carries a wide range of vegan products that are perfect for the cautious, the sensitive or the consumer who simply enjoys pampering themselves with quality ingredients. Additionally, they are cruelty free.

Here are a few things I tried and how you can save on your purchases with the Toronto based brand.

Lavender Soap

Being a makeup artist, beauty writer, blogger, (and newly student) I enjoy pampering myself with products that provide me with a little aroma therapy. I selected the Sade Baron Lavender Soap for its relaxing and soothing lavender scent.

These bars of soap are quite a generous size and aside from having the lavender and peppermint oils, the soap is free from parabeans, synthetic fragrances, dyes, gluten and soy.

I mostly reach for this when I’m taking a shower in the evening as the blends of calming scents truly relax me before hopping into bed.

Coffee Soap

Fun Fact: I <3 self-tanning! I often exfoliate to keep my tan looking smooth and prior to a new coat. Sade Baron’s Coffee Soap is an amazing body scrub! It’s abrasive enough to help remove dead skin cells while leaving your body soft to the touch with its coca butter properties.

Regardless of the season, your skin will always thank you for scrubbing away dead skin cell and it will allow your skin to absorb your body moisturizer even better.

Looking to build an entire vegan beauty routine? Sade Baron offers a wide range of products beyond their soaps. You can check them out here and use REBECCASBEAUTY10 from now until September 30th to save 10%!

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