Mascara is a staple in anyone’s makeup bag but a good mascara is one that has a place in mine forever.

We’ve been told that simply swiping the mascara wand through our lashes is enough but there are ways to further maximize your mascara.

I’ve teamed up with Givenchy to showcase the latest addition to their mascara category, Noir Interdit, while sharing a few of my favourite mascara hacks. Check them out below!

The Right Brush Will Make a Difference

Personally, I enjoy a defining brush that will comb my lashes. This leave no room for my lashes bunding up together but a great brush really goes hand-in-hand with the right formula. The Givenchy Noir Interdit mascara formula provides extreme length with buildable volume.

Curl First to Avoid Damage

I wasn’t blessed with lashes that lift naturally, so curling my lashes first is a must.Curling your lashes after your mascara application can create clumping, leave a crimp and the curl may not last as long. I usually curl my eyelashes first makes it easier to lift my lashes naturally with the applicator and this leaves room for my lashes to look defined but still full looking.

Coat Your Bottom Lashes First

Not everyone adds mascara to their bottom lashes but I never skip this step on myself or my clients. The Givenchy Noir Interdit mascara makes it easy to apply mascara on the bottom lashes, regardless of your lash length, thanks to its 90 degree brush. This unique feature makes it easy to apply mascara on lashes of all lengths.

Wiggle Your Way Up

For many years, we’ve been taught to sweep however I like to maximize my mascara formula for it’s fullest potential. The Noir Interdit’s brush bristles hugged my lashes closely and dispensed the right amount of product when using a back and forth motion as I made my way to the top of my lashes. Wiggling your brush through your eyelashes will build up the formula and coat your lashes perfectly to create the ideal awakened eye-look.

If You Mess Up, Don’t Wipe the Mascara Off Right Away

And even when you do try to avoid messing things up, somehow a little product always ends up on our cheeks or eyes, but don’t panic! During times like these I like to let the mascara dry, then I use a dry cotton swab to flick the mascara off.

Givenchy’s Noir Interdit  is now available at Sephora for $38.



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