If I was stranded on an island and could only bring a few beauty products with me, bronzer and illuminator would be some of the few products! I love complexion. It’s my favourite thing to do on my clients and it’s become my mission to always achieve healthy looking skin for them.

A few of my readers have been asking me how I achieve my beloved glow, so today I’ve decided to share a few of my tricks.

In order to show you how I achieve this on someone other than myself, I thought I’d demonstrate it on one of my good friends. Thank you to the gorgeous Selena Jasmine for taking the time out of her busy schedule to be my muse, isn’t she a gorgeous canvas?

Now, read on for a few of my best kept makeup complexion secrets!

Use Multi-Purpose Products To Make Things Quick
It took me a while before I discovered what colours gave me an amplified flushed look, effortlessly. Once I did, I felt the need to use that same colour all over my face! Today this is best known as a monochromic makeup look. To achieve this look, use the same or similar tones onto your eyes, cheeks and lips. The final result is breath taking. On Selena, I used the Becca Cosmetics X Chrissy Teigen Palette to dress up her cheeks, contour her eyes and add a luminous shine to her skin.

Place The Coverage Where Needed
I love complexion products and I recognize that for some of my clients, light coverage works best and for others, full coverage works best. My rule of thumb is to start by applying your complexion products in the centre of your face then work your way out. After applying your foundation, begin by adding product only onto the areas needed. Applying coverage in the areas needed simply makes your makeup look fresh, not cakey and feels a lot better on your skin.

Invest in Your Tools
On Selena I used full coverage complexion products but see how it still looks like skin? The Beauty Blender is still a staple in my kit because yes, it does sheer out the product but it also does a great job at pressing the product into the skin.

In addition to the Beauty Blender, quality brushes and tools will give you results instantly. When it comes to brushes, I’ve been using Sigma Brushes for over seven years now because their brushes, like many other pro brushes, work well on creating the look I need faster. Aside from their quality of brushes they offer quite a few brush sets that cater to a wide range of prices.

Skip the matte lipstick, opt for gloss
A final touch to enhance an effortless glowy look is to accessorize with a lipgloss. Begin by defining your lips with a lip liner and jazz things up with the gloss of your choice. Lately, I’m obsessed with the Anastasia Beverly Hills glosses because they offer a full coverage formula with an incredible shine that makes anyones lips look fuller.

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