I really LOVE getting my hair done because first off, it’s pampering and secondly I’m obsessed with that fresh salon feel.

Now, I’m no A-List celebrity who can have someone like Jen Atkin at her door steps daily, so I’ve had to quickly learn how to maintain the integrity and colour of my hair.

Since I’ve gone blond(er) friends and family of mine often ask me, “How do you maintain the integrity and look of your hair?” Finding a new hair routine hasn’t been easy, especially because I like to keep things simple, but it’s now something I’ve been sticking to in-between visits.

After much trial and error, I’ve rounded up a few tips along with my favourite products. Here’s how to keep your goldy locks golden, salon fresh and of course, never brassy!

1. Tone it up

When I started going lighter, many advised me to use purple shampoo and conditioner. Why purple shampoo? Well it’s meant to knock the brass out which maintains the vibrancy and tone of the blonde in my hair. From personal experiences, I notice a shift in tone right away and I’ve started using the OGX Lavender Luminescent shampoo and conditioner. This sulfate free formulated duo is targeted to help prolong the life of professionally coloured hair and its scent is absolutely calming and heavily!

Because I liked keeping my hair golden and JLO fresh, I usually only used my purple shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times a week but the OGX Lavender Luminescent shampoo and conditioner was gentle enough for me to use entirely, without making my hair too ashy.

2. Don’t Add Stress

The texture of your hair does change slightly after colouring it, so I always look for ways to avoid adding more stress onto my hair. It’s now been a year that I’ve only used the Tangle Teezer to brush my hair, and since the launch of their new Ultimate brush, it makes it a lot easier to brush my hair without worrying about breakage.

3. Keep Things Hydrated

I like styling my hair but in order to maintain it I use quite a few styling products. About twice a month I put 1-2 tbsp’s of coconut oil onto the ends of my hair to add that added hydration. Coconut oil is my favourite super food and a jar lasts you quite some time!

4. Protect

Like I mentioned before, I LOVE styled hair but it does often involve me using heating tools to achieve the look I want. TO112 is a brand my talented friend, Luis Pacheco created. Whether I’m looking to diminish the look of my baby hairs or simply prep my hair prior to using heated tools, I enjoy using the Console Serum. It’s light weight, leaves a beautiful shine and helps hold and maintain the style. PSSST! This is also a safe product to use on coloured hair.

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