Whether we like it or not, growing up is set to happen. I love setting goals for myself but I never imagined how hard it’d be to set goals or let alone a bucket list of things I seriously want to accomplish within the next 8 years.

Inspired by La Petite Noob, I’ve put together a list of things I’d like to-do before my 30’s. After much thought (literally 4 months of thoughts) here is my list of things I want to accomplish.

30 Before 30


  1. Pursue my Bachelors Degree
  2. Graduate my Bachelors Degree program with honours
  3. Land my dream job
  4. Get a dog
  5. Name that dog I plan on getting, Rufus
  6. Start my own Youtube Channel (properly) and stick to it
  7. Adapt a serious gym routine (5 times a week)
  8. Travel to Italy, Spain, France and Greece
  9. Reside in Los Angeles for a summer
  10. Move out of my parents house
  11. Take an art class
  12. Visit New York City during the holiday season
  13. Get involved in a charity/organization that supports women in need locally
  14. Tie the knot 💍
  15. Take Spanish lessons so you can read and write fluently
  16. Keep blogging through life, regardless of your circumstances
  17. Create a proper blog routine
  18. Actively practice becoming more patient
  19. Start taking beautiful photographs with your polaroid camera
  20. Learn to love yourself
  21. Celebrate your 25th far, far away
  22. Make a weekend getaway an annual routine with mama and abuela
  23. Learn how to create a balanced lifestyle
  24. Purchase a brand new car
  25. Make meditation a part of your lifestyle
  26. Keep your bedroom organized and tidy for more than a week
  27. Get better at coordinating plans with friends
  28. Build your boudoir styled vanity
  29. Create a scrapbook with all of your favourite memories
  30. Buy your first home

2 comments on “30 Before 30”

  1. Such an amazing list, Rebecca! I particularly liked that you included “learn to love yourself” as one of the things you want to achieve by 30. It’s pretty much a life-long goal for me to work on as well!
    I actually did a post like this a few months ago when I turned 25. Would love it if you check it out too: http://bonjourzoe.com/personal-30-before-30/


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