One thing I enjoy about being a blogger is getting to experience new things beyond my makeup horizons. Thanks to team over at Cavalia, I recently attended the Odysseo show that took place in Mississauga, ON at the Hershey Centre.

As a beauty junkie, the makeup related questions began to linger in my mind throughout the show and after it was over, I was dying to learn more about the inspiration.

I had the opportunity to speak with the Catherine Mireault who is the Head of Wardrobe and Julissa Panus who is an Aerialist in the show and they answered some of my cosmetic related questions. Read on to see what these ladies had to say.

Here I am posing behind some of the amazing art work showcased at the show during intermission. 


Question: What is the inspiration behind the makeup looks?

Catherine Mireault: There is a makeup artist who created the looks of the show and we’ve followed the reference picture. Most of the makeup looks have evolved as time went on and the makeup artist really tweaks it to cater to each performers face shape.

Q: How would you describe the makeup looks in Odysseo?

Catherine Mireault: For the men, the makeup is a lot more nobel to enhance their features. For the girls, we play around more with colours and for them it’s really dramatic. The stage is big so the makeup really does have to be dramatic for the audience to see it.

Julissa Panus: It is dramatic! I’ve had looks that go from purple to yellow and they’re pretty bold. We even have to glue little bindi’s onto our foreheads! Although I think I’d get a few stares if I wore this look daily, it’s so beautiful!

Q: How do touch ups work throughout the show?

Julissa Panus: Normally during the show I don’t need to touch up my makeup but on days we do two shows, like a Saturday, I do touch up my makeup. I normally just powder my complexion and re-apply my lipstick after I eat in-between the shows. I’ll also re-brighten my blush. For the most part, the makeup is so bold that it stays put for the majority of the time. I feel like I’ve learned how to deal with touch ups pretty quickly!

Catherine Mireault: Also keep in mind some artists do sweat more than others so that comes to play for touch ups as well!

The gorgeous Julissa performing during Odysseo Photo by Flip Publicity 


Q: What are some of your own tricks when it comes to doing fun makeup?

Julissa Panus: I always love to add as much sparkle as I can. That’s one of my favourite ways to express myself! When your makeup is the same everyday, year after year, the only thing I can do different is the way I stick the sparkles onto my face. Another trick I do is use a makeup wipe to create a structured eyeshadow look. This gets it looking the same and more even on both sides.

Q: What are some of your favourite products or brands that you like to use on the show?

Julissa Panus: We use a lot of Ben Nye eyeshadows. I find them really fun! I’ve also grown to love liquid lipsticks that dry quickly because it doesn’t stick to things like my hair as I’m getting ready quickly.

Q: How could an everyday woman incorporate an Odysseo inspired look to their everyday routine?

Julissa Panus: I’d say very use bright eyeshadow! That is something someone could experiment with if they are inspired by the show. Oh, and definitely a touch of glitter!

Catherine Mireault: I’d go with incorporating lots of earth tones based off the lighting and costumes in the show. Using earth tones is a little less bold while still being inspired form the show!

Odysseo recently extended their stay until August 13th. To get tickets and learn more visit here or simply call 1-866-999-8111.

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