I sometimes forget how fortunate we are in North America, where we take the simple things like getting a glass of filtered water from the tap for granted. Clean water is a luxury we have in Canada but sadly, it’s not the same for other countries.

Imagine if that resource was taken away from you and you had to travel far distances to fetch water for your family daily? That’s unfortunately the reality many women in Madagascar are facing, and the water they consume isn’t as sanitary compared to what we’re given here in Canada.

I recently learned about Aveda’s beautiful initiative on how they are changing the lives of many families in Madagascar. Women in Madagascar go through great lengths to fetch water and transport up to 45LBS of water at a time. You can have a vivid idea of what they undergo daily in the video below.

Mother – Let’s Give Her More Time for What Matters from Collega International on Vimeo.

The good news is that you can contribute to being a part of the change. On May 1st, 2017, you can make a difference by booking a clean water appointment at any of your Aveda or Civello salons near you. 100% of the proceeds from all salon or spa services will go towards making water more accessible for women and their families in Belabevary, Madagascar.

I had a chance to receive a phenomenal service by the talented, Brando Nguyen where he gave me the luscious and effortless curls that you see below! Services like these are included in the proceeds that will be donated on May 1st, so what are you waiting for? Help the movement that could change the lives of many today.

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