There is a certain sense of awe when you see a model walk down the runway. Those gorgeous, long-legged goddesses with their smooth, unblemished skins, and their willowy grace. Do they just wake up like that, light and lovely, untouchable in their allure? With a skinny body like that, you can wear anything, enchant anyone. With a beauty like that, why do we mortals even try?

Well, it turns out that effortless, nature-given beauty of models isn’t quite as effortless as it appears. Models use a lot of tricks to keep themselves looking good at all times, and there’s no reason you can’t borrow some of them and treat yourself to some stylish new clothes.

The importance of a good fit

One thing every woman should do at least once in her life, is

is go to a tailor and have a custom suit or a dress made. It’s an investment, certainly, but a worthwhile one. There is nothing more important than a good fit, and having something that was made specifically for you can do wonders for your shape. It can even help you figure out what kind of clothes to shop for in the future.

There is no need for all, or even most, of your clothes to be custom made – being stylish absolutely does not need to be overly expensive. But having that one perfect suit to pull out for special occasions gives you a good piece to rely on when you’re not sure what else to wear, or haven’t had the time to choose carefully.

Beware of the sneaky hemline
When it comes to the length of your skirt the best options are knee length and maxi skirts. The only thing you really need to avoid here are those awkward calf-length hemlines. Those kind of look bad on almost everybody and they can make even the skinniest person’s legs look stubby. If you would like to show off your booty, get a pencil skirt in a gorgeous burgundy, or an elegant black color.

You don’t need to be afraid of bodycon dresses – don’t work under the mistaken impression that all of your clothes need to be baggy and that you need to hide your shape. If you’re worried about your tummy, get some good shapewear, but a dress with a good fit that hugs your curves just right can actually make you look sexy and trim.

Show off your confidence at the beach
The most relevant thing to do at the beach is to relax and have fun. If you’re a curvy girl, then investing in a beautiful one piece swimwear can help you enjoy yourself, instead of spending every fifteen minutes adjusting the straps of a tiny bikini. A good one piece suit looks absolutely spectacular on just about anyone, and it’s especially great if you like to swim.

Try a cute polka dot swimsuit if you like the pinup style, or something in solid colors. Avoid busy patterns, and stick to something relatively simple. Elegance lies in simplicity.


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Don’t be afraid of color
You probably already know that black is slimming, but that doesn’t mean you need to change your entire wardrobe so it resembles a gothic vampire’s lair. Think aubergine purple, or burgundy, or maybe something in dark greens or blues. Match the color of your clothes to your skin tone, and if you wear an all-black outfit, try incorporating a colorful statement piece. A yellow handbag, or a pair of brightly colored earrings will bring both fun and style to what you’re wearing.

Own your body
Lastly, realize that you are beautiful and that fashion is not strictly for a very small number of model thin women. There is no point in fashion if you’re not going to have fun with it. Wear what you like with confidence and you’ll look better than ever.

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