Not too long ago I found myself making a list on my iPhone about everything I needed to achieve in 2017. In all honesty, 2016 wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t remarkable either. I spent most the year trying to find my path and forcing pieces of my life together at times that weren’t meant to be. Towards the end of the year I started to take a step back and soon, miraculous things began to fall together.

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been, I can explain… I got a full time job and have officially started adulting. It’s been hard trying to balance uploading meaningful content during such a transitional stage in my life, so I figured I’d start getting more personal.

Going forward I’ll be recapping my months where I share what I’ve been up to, some goals I want to conquer for the next month and more. So, let’s kick off 2017 shall we?

January Instagram Round UpJanuary was eventful and quite the rollercoaster. I turned another year older on January 8th, celebrated it with the boyfriend and a ton of my close friends. I spent this weekend at the Trump Toronto hotel where I was treated to breakfast in bed and an overall luxurious staycation.

On that same day, this blog turned two years old! That weekend I couldn’t stop reflecting on how much my content has changed and how amazing it’s been to watch my audience grow. I have a few things planned so I’m excited to share more with you guys, so be sure to stay tuned!

Like everyone else I made a ton of resolutions for the New Year and last week I was able to cross off a big one off my list; I bought myself my first car! Truth be told, last year I had a fear of driving. I never saw myself as one to drive but I later learned I was limiting myself. With the extra push from my parents and my boyfriend, Justin, I got my license and now I’m completely mobile!

Goals for February 

I have many hopes and dreams that I want to see come to life. Lately, it’s been difficult to find a way to achieve them however, I simply want to master being patient. I’ve learned that I cannot base my happiness off of my successes yet I should be basing it more on all the good around me, whether it be small or big. Practicing being patient is not only something I want to work on for next month but it’s a quality I want to obtain all year round.

Additionally, I want to finally start reading a few of the many books I was given over the holidays which include Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso and Cravings by Chrissy Teigen.

How did you kick off your year? Anything in particular you’re going to be tackling on this upcoming month? Share this with me in the comment box below and remember that we still got 11 months of 2017 to go, so it’s never too late to set goals for yourself.

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