Building your skincare routine can be tricky. With some many ingredients, products and fancy verbiage, it can all become overwhelming.

After years of much skincare trial and error, I’ve become more comfortable selecting products for myself and those close around me. I’ve recently been playing around with a few of the many Lierac Paris products and I am amazed at all the benefits the line carries!

Read on to learn more about how you can build a skincare routine that is suited for you and learn more about the innovative, Lierac Paris line.

 ** Please note, I am not a skincare professional, all suggestions made are based off of my own personal experiences. If you are currently suffering from sever skin conditions, please consult a dermatologist or skin professional.**

Discover your skin type

When I first dipped my toes into the skincare world, I had no clue where to start. I was reading tons of labels that catered to acne prone skin, anti aging and all of a sudden I was lost because I wasn’t quite sure where I fit in.

I later learned that the first step to selecting a skincare routine begins with understanding your skin type. In case you’re not too sure, I’ll break it down for you:

Dry Skin Type- Tightness all over your skin and can sometimes look and feel visibly dehydrated.

Oily Skin Type- Often experiences shine and oil throughout the t-zone and cheeks. (This is my skin type!)

Combination Skin TypeExperiences a mixture of dryness in certain areas of the face and excess sebum (oil) in others. Those who have combination skin often experience dryness in the cheeks and excess oil in their t-zone.

Determine your concern

Your skin type and concern go hand-in-hand, so now decide what’s most important for you to combat. Ask yourself what is it that you want to change or maintain in your skin. The concerns can range from quenching your skin with hydration, Fighting acne or even dodging black heads. Once you determine what your concern is, it makes it a lot better to narrow down your product selection.

Build your routine

I often get asked how many skincare products do I use and the answer — four. Here’s the type of products you should be using in your routine with a few of my currently selections.

  1. Cleanse: Removing any dirt that may be lingering on your skin is important. If I’m wearing makeup I’ll double cleanse and start by using a milky textured cleanser, like the DÉMAQUILLANT CONFORT – CREAMY MILK CLEANSER, $29.
    After removing my makeup I dip into a cleanser that specifically caters to my skin type such as the DÉMAQUILLANT PURETÉ – FOAMING CLEANSING GEL, $29. Because I’m on the oilier side, a gel consistency is best at purifying my skin type without overly hydrating it or stripping away too much of my natural oils.
  2. Treat: A good serum is going to really going to make all the difference. A serum has smaller particles that will go deeper into your skin to help maintain or strongly assist your concern. Lately, I’m trying to avoid my skin from looking dull and for those reasons I’ve selected MÉSOLIFT SERUM Radiance Reveal, $66, as it’s bond to get my skin plump and juicy looking.
  3. Hydrate: One of the final steps is hydrating your skin with a good moisturizer. Because a little goes a long way with the Lierac facial creams, I’ve been using the MAGNIFICENCE CREAM, $90 with a focus of wrinkles, firmness and radiance.
  4. Protect:Your last step should be adding your daily SPF onto your face. This is the ultimate way to dodge early signs of aging. If you really want to protect your skin, stay clear of your skin getting direct sun exposure without protection.

To learn more about what products may be best fit for you, check out the Lierac Paris website and under their face category, they have a bunch of remarkable tabs narrowed down with concerns!

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