Photos by Samantha Singh

Since my first Brazilian wax I’ve dropped the razor. Not only do I enjoy the long lasting smooth skin feeling but I am no longer faced with the pain of the prickly corse hair that often comes with shaving.

My friends over at the Fuzz Wax Bar in Oakville invited me to try their services. After visiting Fuzz and chatting with one of their founders, Jessica Frampton, I wanted to share their story and my visit with you!

This chic wax bar was founded back in 2012 when Jessica Frampton and Florence Gaven-Rossavik opened their first Fuzz location in Toronto. At the time, wax bars were missing in the Canadian market but since then the two have successfully opened seven locations!

Today, wax bars have become a trendy concept so why Fuzz? Well, their highly trained esthetician’s make this entire process speedy and bearable. Fuzz is one of the only membership-based wax bars in Ontario so you can easily get your services for a sweet price at all their locations.

Before popping in, Frampton recommends exfoliating and ensuring your hair is just about a quarter of an inch long.

Aside from their waxing services, they offer a few other things on the menu like ingrown hair extractions and vajacials — yes, a facial for your vagina!

Frampton says, “It is a service we felt our clients needed. Girls are suffering from acne, ingrown hairs and irritation, so we thought of a way we could help make their experience smoother. The vajacial is a five step treatment where we cleanse, smooth and purify the area with the products we’ve created to help the process in between your waxes.”

I have yet to experience this but I was told to wait two weeks after my Brazilian to stop by for one!

Despite the media making summer the official waxing season, Frampton says it’s important to make waxing a part of your routine all year round. Additionally she shares some tips for the cooler days. “In the winter the air gets dryer. Moisturize and exfoliate your skin to combat the winter effects” says Frampton.

Fuzz Wax Bar is open seven days a week. You can find the Fuzz Wax Bar Oakville location over at 321 Cornwall Road, Olde Oakville Plaza, Oakville. To book an appointment you can give them a call at (905) 842-0481 or book online here!

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