Building a time effective and efficient skincare routine isn’t always the easiest but it is possible! The days when I had all the time to spare are long gone so if you’re a girl on the run —  like me, our skin often happens to be one of the first things we neglect.

Honey and gold are two rich ingredients that do wonders for your skin, so having it infused into a sheet mask makes it powerful enough for you revive your skin quickly. Honey will soothe the skin, fight bacteria and hydrate while gold is an amazing antioxidant for the skin that fights aging while brightening.

As you guys already know, lately I’m digging Flawless by Friday and now their Flawless in 15 line for three reasons — it’s quick, low maintenance and I get an instant gratification! The Canadian brand just launched three new additions to their line that gives girls on the go beautiful skin in 15 minutes!

Concern: “My face looks dull”

Solution: Flawless in 15 – FACIAL MASK SYSTEM

Sheet gel masks are the most effective and is a quick way to make your skin look plump instantly! If you have an event to head out to and want to achieve a brighter glowing complexion, this mask will quickly transform your skin as it helps decrease puffiness, reduces redness and give you a boost of radiance. Once you peel it off pat all the extra skin care properties into your skin.

Concern: “I need to fake 8 hours of sleep!”

Solution: Flawless in 15 – EYE MASK SYSTEM

Reduce puffy and sleepy looking eyes with this undereye gel sheet mask. After 15 minutes you’ll notice a reduce in the appearance of wrinkles and simply look awake! Pop these into the fridge before using them for an at home spa cooling experience!

Concern: “My lips are dry”

Solution: Flawless in 15 – LIP SERUM

Lip prepping is something many of us neglect but make a difference in our lipstick application. After 15 minutes you will notice softer looking and feeling lips and over time will regular use a plumping effect for a fuller pout. You can use it as a prepping step or diligently throughout the day on its own.

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