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Since I started my blog a lot has changed including the colour of my hair, my lifestyle and my outlook on life. Over the past year and a half, Rebecca’s Beauty Boudoir has quickly grown as a platform but recently I’ve started to understand that beauty is much more than makeup, it’s all about your way of life and how you nurture it.

With the help of some of my beautiful friends and so many patient partners, I’ve been able to develop a blog that truly reflects all aspects of beauty and with this relaunch, I believe it now reflects that. Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind my new look and what is yet to come!

The Concept

When I first entered the beauty realm I was more electric with my makeup and I wanted to experiment with different styles in hopes to one day find my own. At the time blogging was still so new to me so I took risks and continued to experiment!

My new found love for interior design, food, health and wellness has inspired me to expand my horizons when it comes to creating content, so be sure to continue checking back weekly as we roll out more lifestyle posts.

The Visual Inspiration


The blog’s relaunch mood board

Pink has always been my favourite colour and no matter how hard I’ve tried to steer away the rosy hues continue to mesmerize me. Rose gold, blush pink, mauves and light grey is the colour palette of my life and after redecorating my room then adding these colours onto every inch of my bedroom, I knew I wanted my online boudoir to reflect that as well.

I am ecstatic to finally have my vision slowly come to life and I can’t wait to continue doing what I love so much with you gems. Huge thanks to my good friend Samantha Singh for my new chic logo and helping me bring Rebecca’s Beauty Boudoir into a more vivd reality.

Anything you’d like to see more of? Type your suggestions in the comment box below.



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