Not all tweezers work the same and with all the different shapes and sizes out there it can be tough to pinpoint exactly what their purposes are. It wasn’t until I became a makeup artist when I started to understand the difference between each style of tweezers and its purpose.

Today I’m going to break down the type of tweezers you need from my lovely friends over at Tweezerman and why they’ve been my go-to pluckers for many years!


The classic angled cut tweezer is ideal for your basic grooming while grabbing all of your unwanted hairs. This style is commonly used by the everyday gal as its design allows me to get a close and precise groom. When sanitized, it can also be a perfect style to safely apply on strip lashes before a night out!

Want this style? Try Tweezerman’s new and luxurious Rose Gold Slant Tweezer. The colour of this beautiful rosey hued plucker is just the cherry on top of this outstanding innovative tool. You can find it online for about $32 CAD or in a gift set for $59 CAD

Often a choice by professionals, the pointed styled tweezer is the ideal tool to pluck out any stubborn ingrown hairs or short stubbles. Despite its sharp tip, it’s completely user friendly for the everyday lady and has an amazing grip to keep your fingers from slipping while your plucking away!

Try the Tweezerman Ultra Precision Point Tweezer as its coated in PVD Titanium Nitrate for a durable life. This bad boy retails for $47 CAD and can be found on their website.

Why I Chose Tweezerman

As a teen I learned quickly that not all tweezers picked up all my unwanted hairs as they promised on their labels. After much trial and error with multiple tweezer tooks, it began to spark in my head that perhaps investing in a GOOD pair of tweezers would make a difference. That GOOD pair happened to be my first pair of Tweezerman tweezers, which I still own six years later.

For many years Tweezerman has been a reliable and award winning tool for many artists and beauty professionals for nearly 35 years! It’s innovation and and quality are what make it a major win for me and lastly, with it’s life time warranty I know I’ve invested in a tool that will last forever!

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