Doing my nails at home wasn’t my thing for a LONG TIME! And I know — as a makeup artist the presentation of my hands is everything! As formulas in nail polishes have advanced it all comes down to longevity because I simply don’t have time to always do my own nails and touch up frequently.


Le Mini Macaron is a fabulous portable mini gel nail kit that has helped me do my nails quicker and dry even faster.

While the brand does carry their shades of gel polish, you can pair this kit with many other brands of gel nail polish but be sure to read their label for dry time!

It’s not complicated to use at all but I’m going to break it down for you

Step 1

Plug in your macaron into an outlet or the usb port in your laptop.

Step 2

Gently file the surface of your nails and groom as desired. Filing the surface makes it easier for the gel polish to stick onto your nails aka it’ll last longer too!

Step 3

Brush on a very thin top coat of your gel nail polish then immediately place your finger under the light and press the button on the top. The button is set to run for 30 seconds and shuts off after. Repeat this step with each nail and apply 2-3 coats for desired coverage.

Step 4

Volia! Your nails are instantly dry and you’re off on your way! On average this mini manicure process has only taken me about 15 to 20 minutes, which makes it busy girl proof and lasts up to two weeks.

If you’re seeking a quick at home nail fix, you can now purchase your Le Mini Macaron kit at select Hudson’s Bay locations or on their website.

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