I’m wearing the Dermablend Professional in Camel 30N

Although I don’t suffer from dark spots, scarring or any form of pigmentation, more than half of women world wide do! Not too long ago I was introduced to a high full coverage foundation that advocated for flawless and natural looking like skin and in my books this was a complete game changer.

A few years ago, this video went viral. I think the wow factor came from the coverage as this video shows how some people love the skin they are in but feel comfortable creating an even complexion with a full coverage skin product. Since then, many consumers have hunt and wanted to get their hands on the Dermablend Professional foundation and good news to my Canadian readers, you now can!

I believe makeup is all about amplification, not transformation but that doesn’t always come with using light coverage products. Read on as I introduce my favourite techniques when handling a full coverage foundation like some the Dermablend Professional brand carries and some of the products that work best with their foundations.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Having a hydrated and smooth canvas will allow your makeup to look just like skin and avoid any cracking to occur as you wear it throughout the day. I can’t stress enough how important this step is, especially if you’re using a full coverage formula to conceal your desired concern.


The right tool will truly impact the way your makeup glides onto your skin. With the Dermablend Professional Smooth Liquid Camo, I recommend using a dense brush for those of you seeking its fullest coverage. Looking to go light to medium coverage with this foundation? Lean towards using a reusable sponge.



Whether you’re oily or dry, a little setting powder never hurt no body. Dermablend carries a beautiful light weight translucent powder that keeps your makeup life proof! A little does go a long way with the Dermablend Professional Loose Setting Powder so I’d suggest using a tiny amount with a large fluffy brush.


While the Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo worked well on my skin type and is a highly versatile choice, the brand does offer a large range of more complexion products which include powders, liquid foundations and more. In addition to ensuring you’re working with the right formula for your skin, ensure you get matched with the correct shade as the wrong shade can be more noticeable with a full coverage formula.

Canadians, you can now find the Dermablend Professional brand at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations near you!


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