Photos by Samantha Singh

A wise woman once said, “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.” And it’s true! For many years lipstick formulas have become more innovative and some how each new texture manages to tie our looks together perfectly.

Today, we’ve got brands like Bite Beauty that offer a large selection of colours, scents and  finishes. I’ve swatched, removed and reapplied many colours as a makeup artist and one thing I can’t stress is that the perfect shade of lipstick comes with acknowledging your level of comfort and how daring you’re willing to be.

In a world full of many lipsticks, how do you select the right shade? Keep reading as I share my tips on finding your perfect shade of lipstick!



I’m seriously drawn to pinks but for someone like me who is on the light to medium side, a warm coral pink tone flatters my complexion best. In the photo above I’m wearing Bite Beauty’s matte crème lip crayon in Sucré. The comfortable matte formula has a great longevity and amazing coverage for your lips! If you have a warmer complexion and don’t want it looking too loud feel free to go darker with your lipstick shade to get the same effect as seen above.


Red lips are a staple in every girls makeup bag as it can easily create a classic look. Finding the perfect red lip for your skin tone may not seem easy but I’m going to try and break it down for you. If you have a fair complexion, try something with a blue undertone. For us medium toned skin ladies, having a red with a slight orange undertone suits us best. Lastly, if you have a deeper complexion, opt for a highly pigmented orange-red toned option.

I’m wearing the Bite Beauty Fraise matte crème lip crayon in the image above. I love how this feels on my lips and the pencil applicator made it easy to create perfectly defined lips.



Believe it or not but I haven’t rocked a lavender lip since this post! Spritzer is available in a classic lipstick shaped applicator and is a part of Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche collection. A colour like this can be worn alone for any of you with a fair to medium complexion. If you have a deeper complexion I’d recommend trying to pair this lipstick with a warmer lip liner to define the lip, or you can use this in the centre paired with a darker purple for an ombre lip effect.




Ugh, now this is a colour that I truly believe suits everybody! Jam is a rich merlot lipstick that is so sophisticated and sultry in time for the colder days. On darker toned complexions a colour like this becomes more enhanced so if you’re looking to go vamp, simply pair it with a darker lip crayon like, Truffle. If you have a fair to medium skin tone, this shade is amazing as it’s not too vampy.



Nudes will always look different on everyone but if you want to keep it low maintain and self defined, opt for a warmer nude. The Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Verbena lipstick is a gorgeous dusty rose with a burnt terracotta undertone. For my porcelain to medium skin dolls, this is a beautiful warmer nude. Any of my ladies with warmer to deeper skin tones will find this colour isn’t as warm on their complexion yet may be a lighter nude.

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