Your bedroom is your place to unwind, rest and ultimately be your safe haven. With a recent move I have completely redone my bedroom and the more I hunt for new items to add to my space, the more I’ve come to realize that overall re-decorating doesn’t have to be costly.

It’s the little accents that can easily change the ambiance of the bedroom, so today I’m sharing a few tips on ways you can dress up your space.



Deciding to redecorate my room wasn’t the hardest part of the process. Finding a theme that fit my personality was the challenging part. I think before heading into bedroom makeover mode it’s important to create a colour palette similar to what you see above — and stick to it!

For my room I stuck to rose gold, blush and light grey. Having a guideline keeps the look and feel of your bedroom consistent and easier going forward as you buy other things for your room.



I’m always making constant treks to Home Sense and somehow I find things beyond their purpose become so fitting for a bedroom environment. See the image above? This is a cupcake holder turned into a mini nail polish display. It may not fit all of the shades I own however, it is a beautiful way to display some of my favourite nail polishes within my reach.


Sometimes all it takes to make an old piece of decor new again is a bottle of spray paint. I already had the Ikea Skurar candle holder but with white walls, I felt like they could pop more. My solution? Picking up a can of rose gold spray paint and painting them. This is a cost efficient way you can make old house items feel like new pieces again.



Lighting is everything! Sure it’s great to utilize your generic lighting but having something bright beaming on you as you’re trying to unwind from a long day can disrupt your mind from shutting down. Rather than getting rid of your standard lighting consider purchasing a lamp with a warmer setting.

This geometric lamp hangs freely on my ceiling. Having an open lamp allows for the lighting to be enough for me to you know.. see the ground but it totally sets an entirely different mood.



As much as the lighting can change the mood, a luxurious scent plays a huge part in this as well.

Depending on your preference of scent, your bedroom’s vibe can change drastically. I personally enjoy having richer scents in my bedroom to give it a cozy feeling and while being the perfect little accent, Spark Candles offer deliciously scented candles. Here I’ve lit their Chai Essential Oil Candle and you can find your perfect scent on their website.

In conclusion to my tips, feel free to follow my home board on Pinterest for home inspirations!

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