I’m a busy bee and between being a freelance writer, makeup artist and blogger it can sometimes be… a lot. Being tired is something my cup of coffee can’t hide in fact, not even my concealer or peachy colour corrector can do the trick, because when I’m sleepy, my skin shows it! Now I drink about 2L of water everyday so sometimes my skin needs a quick little rejuvenation.

I recently discovered the Canadian skincare line, Flawless by Friday as I was seeking some quick ways to get my skin looking fresh again and lucked out when their 5 day system worked wonders as I could see the results instantly.

Here’s a breakdown on the system that got my sleepy skin looking awake!


5 Day System

Whether you’re trying to get your skin ready for a big event or you simply want to restore its hydration, the 5 Day System improves the skin’s look and texture. For this routine I only dedicated 15 minutes a day before bed. Each day has a new highly concentrated mask with different ingredients to achieve flawless skin within five days. Below is the suggested use, how it works and ingridients according to them!

1. Moisture Monday – Hyaluronic Acid
• Helps skin retain moisture as hyaluronic acid holds a thousand times its weight in water

• Benefits tissue repair and protection by penetrating into the skin’s upper layers

2. Toning Tuesday – Vitamin C

• Reverses age-related damage to skin as a powerful antioxidant

• Reduces inflammation, acne scarring, and pigmentation

3. Wrinkle Wednesday – Green Tea
• Sooths and heals stressed skin while reducing inflammation

• Prevents collagen breakdown and delays skin cell aging

4. Tightening Thursday – Collagen & Caffeine
• Slows down the breakdown of collagen by combating damaging free radicals

• Repairs UV damage, treats rosacea, and soothes inflammation

5. Flawless Friday – Honey
• Boosts overall complexion by moisturizing, soothing, and heeling the skin

• Treats and prevents acne with its natural

antibacterial properties


For longer lasting results I used one drop of their serum to plump up my skin, 3 times a week. With this serum my skin stayed hydrated which improved how smooth my skin looked with and without makeup. It contains blends of hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid to combat blemishes and early signs of aging! Use before bed but pair with a daily SPF.


I was able to quickly say buh-bye to sleepy looking eyes with these under eye masks. These hydrogel masks helped me reduce puffiness quickly. I popped these in the fridge the night before for an extra cooling effect. I popped this on the contour of my eyes and went about my morning routine. After 15 mins I slid them off and did my makeup.

For all my readers from the states, you can find Flawless by Friday products at Lord & Taylor and for my Canadian babes, the innovative brand is available at Hudson’s Bay!

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