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Our skin changes over time and when we see these changes we try to figure out what will quickly transform our skin.

Wanting to maintain or reverse your skin is common amongst us ladies and gents but to really achieve your #skingoals it can be beyond purchasing stuff over the counter, which is why I recently went to visit a medial esthetician.

I went The Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic for a facial and was wowed after seeing a dramatic difference. Keep reading to learn more about my facial experience at a clinic!

Booking and Consulting Process

I’ve had facials done before but never one in a surgical clinic. During my booking process the receptionists were informative, which I think is important for recommendations but I was told that changes possibly could be made by the esthetician. Originally, I wanted to go with microdermabrasion to brighten my skin and have a deeper exfoliation, but after consulting with my esthetician she recommended a more gentle solution for my sensitive skin, an AFA facial.

Here's a look at the room. A snap I grabbed from my Instagram story before my facial.
Here’s a look at the room. A snap I grabbed from my Instagram story before my facial.

The Facial

The AFA (Amino Acid Filaggrin-based Antioxidants) peel is one of the many facials the Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic offer as they have a wide selection of different peels that will suit a wide range of skin types and concerns.

The AFA facial was recommended to help my skin maintain moisture retention, exfoliate, diminish texture and keep my skin looking smooth. In addition, my esthetician performed minor extractions to remove more visible black heads.

During the facial she applied thin layers of peels. Each layer had a different sensation, some were more invigorating than others but I did not find it painful or uncomfortable on my skin. (Please Note: This sensation may vary on each client due to their skin type so please remember this was what I experienced and cannot guarantee you will not feel any discomfort.)

My skin currently looks poreless. Here's a candid no makeup, no filter selfie after my facial. So glad this worked well for my skin
My skin currently looks poreless. Here’s a candid no makeup, no filter selfie after my facial. So glad this worked well for my skin

The Aftermath

After I completed my facial, I did notice I had flushed cheeks however, she did mention this was a common occurrence amongst many of her clients after the treatment but my redness went down after about 30 minutes. During the next few weeks I was diligent with my SPF and tried to stay away from being in direct sunlight as recommended.

The next day I did have minor dryness and flaking around my nose however, I did experience minor breakouts but I was notified that these symptoms were normal as the skin renewal is occurring quickly and the facial draws impurities out of the skin.

Why I’d Get This Facial and Go Here Again

As a beauty blogger it can be easy to like many things but it’s easier to fall in love when you see something work instantly. During my time at the clinic, I was educated and felt comfortable because of the cozy environment and how much my esthetician catered the treatment to me.

Not only did she discuss why the treatment was best for me but she educated me more about my skin, its type, what I needed to be cautious of and what I can do to continue keeping it healthy.

Overall, I learned and experienced that clinical treatments are more powerful, which is why they can show results quicker. It is important to ensure the esthetician performing your chemical peel is qualified like the ones at the Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic.

For all my babes in the Toronto GTA, you can visit them at two locations, Toronto and Mississauga. For more information on a medical facial be sure to check them out here!

The Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic
247 Queensway West
Mississauga, ON L5B 1B9
(905) 273-3045

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