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There are a lot pros to waxing and as a beauty blogger what’s an experience without baring it all? — Literally.

Thanks to the fabulous team at the WAXON Waxbar I got my first Brazilian wax and I’m happy to report that it’s not as scary as it may seem!

Founder of WAXON and beauty entrepreneur, Lexi Miles gave me the low down on how to make it less painful for whenever you’re ready to go completely bare down there and here’s what I learned.


Prepping is Major Key 🔑

We scrub our face, arms and legs so why should down there be any different? Miles tells me, “Exfoliating before getting a wax will help prep the hair to be removed. Also, trimming the hair if it is too long will ease pain during a wax service as there wont be a pull when removing the wax strip.”

Your hair needs to be at least be 2mm before the big day

In a nutshell, the size of a grain of rice is what Miles says is the ideal length of hair before getting anything waxed. “Trimming the hair if it is too long will ease pain during a wax service as there wont be a pull when removing the wax strip,” says Miles.


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Just Breath

As the waxing expert was prepping for what I anticipated would be the most painful thing I’d endure upon myself, she told me to just breath and it would be over before I knew it, and she was right! Now I’m not saying it’s completely painless but the WAXON’s own unique GOLD formula makes it perfect for this sensitive area. The first time was more painful, the second time was a lot painless and it’s said to get better as you keep up with it. Oh and if you’re wondering how much it hurt getting waxed in between the cheeks you’d be surprised to learn it hardly hurts!

Waxing Helps Avoid Ingrown Hairs

“Waxing frequently is number 1! Waxing every 4-5 weeks helps prevent ingrown hairs. When the hairs are shorter and are on the same growth cycle it reduces the pull during a wax service which in turn can cause ingrown hairs. Also, using the Oprah favourite PrinceReigns Ingrown hair serum daily gets rid of ingrown hairs and prevents them from coming back in the future, it leaves your skin smooth and blemish free.

And of course exfoliating at least 2-3 times per week to slough off dead skin cells – ingrown hairs are caused by hair not being able to break the surface and grow normally above the skin because of the layer of dead skin so it curls back under,” shares Miles.


Keep Up For Lasting Results

When hair grows back it’s tempting to take matters into our own hands but trust me when I say to simply leave it to the experts! Your skin and esthetician will thank you! Miles recommends, “For best results we would recommend getting waxed every 4-6 weeks. But this totally depends on each individual so the ideal hair length is the length of a grain of rice. When hair is at the same length it makes for a smooth and flawless wax every time.”

You’ll End Up Feeling A Little Like This…


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  1. I am always so terrified of brazillian waxes! I have been thinking about getting one for ages now. I actually just got my brows done at Waxon and they look amazing!
    i just posted a review on the new L’oreal Pro Glow Foundation on my blog. Check it out!

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