SPF, we all know it is something we should wear daily but somehow we always find a way to skimp on it. Formulas that leave our skin too glossy looking are perhaps one of the few reasons that may steer us away but thanks to my friends a Cyberderm I’ve been able to try non greasy formulas that sit beautifully on your face and especially under makeup!

Adding a sunblock to your skincare routine is the essential to avoid things such as sunspots, depigmentation and signs of aging due to sun exposure.

During a recent vacation to Orlando, Florida I was able to put a few facial sunscreens to the test and one in particular left me without the greasy feeling and look.

Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 25

This miracle natural sun protector contains active ingredients that aren’t harsh for your skin yet protect you from any harmful sun rays. Its soothing formula leaves your skin with a soft matte finish and is perfect for those with oil skin (like me,) combination or acne prone skin.

This product is ideal for women and men of all ages, especially those who are on the hunt for a lighter daily sunscreen that hydrates the skin.

Simply Zinc Sun Whip SPF 30

If you have a dryer skin type and are seeking a deeper hydration the Simply Zinc Sun Whip may be the ideal formula for you.

This sunblock is richer than the Every Morning formula as it contains organic Zinc Oxide to assist with deeply nourishing your skin.

Besides hydration benefits it also contains anti0aging benefits to keep the skin plump while being ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

You can find the world class sunscreens on their website here and they each retail for $38 CAD.

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