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I love indulging in skincare products and tools. It’s a small way I can enjoy feeling pampered at home. At a recent visit to the spa I discovered that no innovative tools can truly replace a spa expert or experience.

Hand & Stone Oakville invited me to try their facial, foot treatment, leg waxing and eyelash extensions services and I felt beyond pampered!

If you live out in the GTA and are looking for a quick getaway from reality, try the Hand & Stone Oakville location! When I first walked I was warmly welcomed by the girls sitting at the front desk. As I waited for my appointment I sat in their lounge where I was able to help myself to lemon water, treats and take a peak at their in spa product selection.

Hand & Stone Oakville


My treatments were broken into two sessions. Because I often wear a lot of makeup, my skin tends to get congested but no matter what your skin concern is the spa has an array of services suited for all skin types. During my first visit I tried the Detox Facial.

During the Detox Facial my esthetician used an array of Dermalogica products which I found brought all my impurities to the surface of my skin which made it easier for her to extract any unwanted dirt and grim. By the end of my facial I was able to see a significant difference in my skin, especially how I no longer had black heads or congested pores.

The woman who did my facial told me that with so many technologies out there, it is easy to overlook a spa facial however, those tools can’t replace how an expert see’s your skin, what recommendations they have for your skin and the way they cater to your skin.

Hand & Stone Oakville

Foot Treatment

The skin on our feet is naturally dry. The soaps we use, shoes we wear and how often we moisturize them can affect how smooth they are.

I was treated to a hydrating foot treatment that not only made my feet feel smoother but further prevented any cracking and dryness. Overall I wasn’t afraid to bring out the open toe shoes after this one!

Lash Extensions

I’m not going to lie that I was slightly hesitant on trying lash extensions especially because it was my first time but I really scored because at Hand & Stone, their eyelash services are phenomenal.

Before we went ahead and applied any lashes I consulted with the woman who applied my lashes. We went over the sizes, curls and the ideal look I wanted to go for.

After my consultation I laid down and she began applying special pads underneath my eyes to protect my bottom lashes from getting glue on them. After securing the pads area my eye area, she applied each individual lash onto my eyes.

The process to get your lashes done can take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours and because I felt so relaxed I took a little siesta 😴!

Lash extensions last for about 2-3 weeks and I am still lucky enough to have mine 3 week later!

A few things I was told to avoid is rubbing and tugging my eyes too much, wearing water proof mascara, using any oil based products or makeup remover around my eyes and using water near them for the first 24 hours!


Check out my before and afters



During my second visit I tried waxing my legs for the first time.

The esthetician used a comfortable warm wax on my skin before she laid the strip. When she pulled the strip back and removed the hair on my legs it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.

I only did half a leg but I was content to see how smooth my skin looked and felt after the session, it also didn’t grow in as quickly as it would if I shaved. Aside from waxing your legs, Hand & Stone offers all types of different waxing services which include brows, under arms, bikini and more. You can check out all their services available here.



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