In 2016 rules don’t exist, which is why I love the latest from TRESemmé. The new Expert volume line gets us out of the traditional washing and styling hair routine. Instead of washing your hair by using shampoo first and conditioning it second, the expert line wants you to do things backwards.

I have thick, straight, virgin hair so this caught my interest because I often find many conditioners weigh my hair down. I used about a pump and a half on my ends and worked my way up, but I did not put the conditioner on my roots.

I’m so used to having the lather from the shampoo first but I think conditioning first actually made it easier to wash my hair. I loved how the conditioner came with a pump, (probably because they know people like me get carried away with conditioner,) and this helps distribute the right amount of conditioner to help enhance volume. After rinsing out the conditioner, I use about a quarter sized amount of shampoo on my hair.

Before styling my hair I used the Expert Volume and Softness Hair Maximizer to prep my hair before styling it. I found this worked so well. It added more hydrating without weighing my hair again. My styled hair had a great texture to it.

Overall, this line works best for those who are wanting to style their hair and need a bit of texture. This routine is a little more drying which is why I believe this is best suited for ladies who aren’t seeking hydration form their routine.

What do you think about switching up your hair routine with TRESemmé’s new reverse volumizing system? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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