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As a beauty advisor, I occasionally get the client who really doesn’t know what she’s looking for and it’s cool because I know as a client, it can be overwhelming to find that perfect foundation. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when there are so many options out there. In this post, I’ve decided to break it down for you so your next visit to your local counter or beauty reseller can be a breeze.

  1. Know your skin type

Knowing whether you are dry, oily, combination, or a normal skin type helps. Telling your advisor your skin type narrows down your option to know what will set well on YOUR skin.

  1. Understand what you’re looking for

Usually an advisor will ask you what type of finish you want so know that there are three: matte, glowy/dewy, and satin. A matte finish means no shine to the skin. Glowy/dewy doesn’t mean luminous, its more radiant… think JLO glow! Lastly a satin finish isn’t glowy or super matte yet it has more of a natural finish.

  1. Do you want light, medium, or full coverage?

Tell your advisor what you want your foundation to do or perhaps the kind of events you want to wear it to. In addition, tell them how you want it to feel on your face, this way they’ll know what coverage is best suitable for you.

  1. Understand that skincare is key before any makeup application.

I hate to break it to you but there really isn’t a way around it. When you wear makeup, you need to ensure your skin is properly prepped and when I say prepped I mean cleansed and hydrated. Your beauty consultant isn’t trying to up sell you but he or she is really trying to ensure you achieve the same look at home. If you don’t want your makeup to look cakey, this step is a MUST!

  1. Lastly, Remember that you still want to be you!

It’s a pet peeve of mine seeing such beautiful girls asking me to apply more coverage than what they need just so they can transform who they are and that’s not what makeup is all about. Remember that when you’re applying on your makeup you want it to marinate into the skin and essentially you want to create another layer of skin that is only enhancing the features you’re already born with.

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3 comments on “Things to know before picking up foundation”

  1. Hey Rebecca!, just wondering what you would recommend for combination skin, that will not break me out, any suggestions?

    • Hey Steph! As we enter the spring and summer weather, try something with a satin or matte finish. My fave right now is the Laura Mercier’s Smooth Flawless Fluide foundation, It looks just like skin! Also try Nars’ new Luminous finish foundation! Let me know if you have anymore questions xo

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