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Foreo’s Luna mini has officially stole a spot in my beauty routine. With so many brands that now carry facial brushes, how do you know if you got the right one for you? Well I’ll be giving you the low down on how Foreo’s revolutionary device easily differentiates itself from the rest.

The facial device retails for about $160 CAD and has a triple zone brush head which ensures it caters to all skin types. The Luna mini is a waterproof device that gently provides one with a deep cleanse while drawing out deep impurities within the skin. Having a deeper cleanse will reduce congestion within the skin and will result in the appearance of a brighter and even complexion.

Here’s a list of additional facts that makes the Luna mini unique

  • The Luna mini’s brush is silicone based so it’s a nonabrasive option for those who have a normal to sensitive skin type.
  • A silicone brush makes it more hygienic because this will prevent any product to be adsorbed within the brush head and it is less likely for bacteria to settle within the brush bristles.
  • The brush head doesn’t require any brush replacements so you won’t ever have to worry about making that extra purchase down the road.
  • The Luna mini has an awesome battery life so you will only have to recharge the device 2-4 times a year.
  • Each Luna mini comes with a USB charger so you can charge it in your traditional outlet or you can charge the device on your laptop.

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Aside from Foreo’s Luna mini device, they also carry a full sized Luna device which caters specifically to different skin types. The Luna device can easily create even more of an at home spa experience by applying your serums or moisturizer with the Luna. The Luna has an anti-aging side which is one of the many ways it differentiates itself from the Luna mini. One can use the Luna to apply on your skincare products and it will actually help your skin adsorb products more effectively.

In addition to their skin care devices, Foreo has their own dental devices so be sure to check back for my upcoming post on their Issa toothbrush.

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