This is the perfect pick me up look to cure your winter blues!This look features bright and neon eyeshadow’s. They’re blended in a way to look more like a wash of colour on the eyes. The saturation and placement of the shadows create a softer and wearable look.

  • To create this look I blended NYX‘s “Milk” jumbo pencil across the lid as a base. A white base ensures that your bright shadows look brighter and it’ll stay in place.
  • I chose Urban Decay’s Electric Palette to create this look and used three colours.
    Using a blending brush I blended “Thrash” into the inner corner of my eye.
  • Moving the brush in small circular motions I diffused out the colour to more of a soft wash of colour.
  • Repeating with the same blending brush in the outer corner of the eye I used the colour “fringe” this time blending the outer corner into a diffused sideways “V” shape pulling it slightly into the crease.
  • I made it a little more bold by popping “fringe” into the inner corner of my eye over “thrash” just under my eyebrow

**NOTE** you can skip this step if you want to be a more subtle**

  • In the centre of the lid I mixed “Slow Burn” with a peachy gold eye shadow and pat it onto the lid blending it lightly into the other two colours on either side.

Finish the look off with a black winged liner and a heavy coat of mascara.

Emily’s Tip: Don’t be afraid to use eye shadows as a blush, especially if you can use a colour of eye shadow you used in your eye look. I blended “Slow Burn” very softly over the apples of my cheeks to tie the whole makeup look together. It gives a beautiful flushed, bronzed look.



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