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Due to some of my previous posts, you guys already know I’m head over heels for Glam Glow, so when I heard they had a cleanser, I had to get my hands on it.

The Super Cleanse was designed to be a gentle cleanser that foams up to lather your complexion while dissolving things like: makeup, debris, and impurities. This appealed to me so I selected the Super Cleanse with the intention it would help address my blackheads concern.

My Expectations:

  • I don’t expect the cleanser to give me that instant gratification but I’m optimistic this could work well over time.
  • Considering it’s a cleanser, I’m probably going to need to pair this with the Super Mud mask to get real results.
  • Although I love Glam Glow, I’m scared this may make my skin dry because it’s mud based

What I Experienced:

    • I got this tingly sensation on my face but it didn’t irritate my skin
    • The foaming aspect of the cleanser did activate once I used water and rubbed my face in a circular motion
    • This left my skin feeling extremely squeaky clean without feeling dry
    • After staring into a 5X mirror, I noticed I did end up getting that instant gratification. 85% of my blackheads had completely vanished!

It’s suggested to use 2-3 pumps but I only used about 1 and a half because that seems to be enough to cleanse my entire face. After evenly distributing the cleanser all over your face, you’re going to wet your hands and begin rubbing it in circular motions. By moving the cleanser around you should notice the foam begin to activate. The last step is to simply rinse off your face and VOLIA! You’ve got yourself a fresh face!

I’d highly encourage anyone who wants to draw out any excess oils and extract impurities to give this a try. Glam Glow also has two additional cleansers to their cleansing line and they’re called, Thirsty Cleanse and Youth Cleanse. So whatever your concern may be, I’m sure they’ve got you covered.

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