Never would I have ever imagine getting the opportunity to meet and be mentored by the iconic makeup artist, Laura Mercier. I was fortunate enough to learn the in’s and out’s of her brand while learning so many of her signature techniques. I could go on forever on what an amazing experience this was but I’ll get right to the good stuff by telling you five things I learned from Laura Mercier herself.



1. Keep the brows looking natural

Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve a perfectly symmetrical bold brow but let’s be honest, a majority of us aren’t born with Instagram brows. Laura says, “embrace the hair while keeping the lines harmonious”. Additionally, She mentions that sharp “perfect” brows are more meant for photo shoots. In order to achieve a pair of natural looking brows, Laura advises to start inside the shape of your brow and progressively blend out. Laura emphasizes the importance of mimicking the natural hairs of the brow so if yours are sparse she say’s, “mimic what’s not there while making it look realistic.”

2. Primer makes the difference

In case you didn’t know, Laura Mercier is the queen of primers because she’s the one who started it all. When it comes to her line she mentions that the best way to apply the primer is to massage it into the skin because it’ll absorb and look better. Ideally you want it to adhere to the skin so you may want to have different primers for different seasons, or different primers for different concerns on your complexion.

3. Don’t put foundations on wrinkles

As an artist, mastering makeup for a mature client can be difficult. Laura says that in order not to emphasize wrinkles and maintain a youthful look, one should simply avoid it. Laura adds that when one gets older it doesn’t mean one requires heavier makeup all over the face, yet instead one may be adding a bit more coverage on only certain areas. She mentions using tools like your fingers or a sponge can help achieve a softer and more natural look.

4. Have a different foundation for every occasion

When it comes to foundation why do we tend to only use one for everyday wear? Are we going to a party everyday? Are we going to the office everyday? I don’t know about you but I don’t like wearing a complete full coverage foundation EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Laura taught me that one should use different foundations for different occasions (ex. Tinted moisturizer or light foundation for everyday wear AND a full coverage foundation for a night out.) If you seem to need a bit more coverage for your everyday routine remember to utilize concealer in areas needed.

5. Contouring and bronzing are two different things

Laura Mercier touched on the hottest beauty trend, contouring! She stresses, “not everyone needs it,” but if desired it needs to look as natural as possible. We see girls online using excessive amounts of multiple foundations to achieve a more sculpted look but that’s not ideal for the everyday wear, so Laura talked about how her new contour palette will help achieve both a dramatic, or soft contour. Laura says, “Contouring is all about diminishing the volume,” and stresses that the everyday contour shouldn’t be meant to transform. Lastly, Laura suggests dusting on a slight amount of bronzer on top of the contour to give off a more sun kissed glow and to do so by simply following the structure of your own face.


PSSSST! Did you know that Laura Mercier was the makeup artist for Madonna’s,”Take A Bow” music video? If not take a moment to admire what Laura created on Madonna’s flawless face below.

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