Without a doubt brows are becoming something everyone wants to perfect but selecting the right brow product can be tricky. Whether your brow game is strong naturally or you think they need a little more TLC, here’s the lowdown on the types of brow products out there.

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1. Brow gel- A brow gel is perfect for someone who wants to slightly enhance his or her brows effortlessly. This is an easy way to create the illusion of a fuller brow by tinting in sparse areas within the natural brow. Additionally, a brow gel is a great product to keep any stray hairs in place or it can be used to set your eyebrows after using any of the products listed below.

2. Powder- A powder can be more intense than a brow gel depending on the application. Using an angled brush, follow the shape of your natural brow to fill in any sparse areas. Because you have more control of the product when using a brush, one can create more definition with a powder. This is perfect for someone who wants to create the illusion of a fuller brow while maintaining that softness.

3. Brow pencil- A brow pencil can be used on all types of brows and it can create a very polished looking eyebrow. With a pencil, one can recreate the shape of a brow and define the brow. With different techniques you can achieve a natural or dramatic finish. Some brands offer waterproof formulas for long wear and some have a spooli brush on the end, which can be used to blend out the product.

4. Pomade/Gel- This is much like the brow pencil but this is guaranteed to last you all day. The pomade/ gel products on the market often come in a waterproof formula, which is ideal for someone who seeks the longevity. I recommend using a very small amount when you start using this because a little SERIOUSLY goes a long way. This product needs to be used with an angled brush and ideally an angled brush that isn’t thick yet, narrow. The pomade/gel eyebrow products are often used to create the notorious “Instagram brow” however, that doesn’t mean one can’t create a natural/subtle looking eyebrow.

So there you have it, the low down on brow products! I hope this helps you pick out the perfect brow product suited for you. Let me know what you think and of course, if you have any questions or post suggestions, please comment below!

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